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Stay at Home and Self-Care: Practical Ways to Practice Self-Care while Sheltering in Place

Updated: May 30, 2020

Over the past several weeks, millions of lives have been drastically altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mandated shelter-in-place orders have left many of us without the small luxuries of personal care we’ve become accustomed to and reliant on. Services such as hairstyling/haircutting, trips to the spa, going to the gym, and dining out, have all become largely unavailable, but that doesn’t mean our self-care routines have to suffer. Although many self-care options have their limitations, one major advantage of them all is the opportunity to put the ‘quality’ into the extra time you’re spending at home, and the extra time you’re spending with yourself.

Shelter-In-Place Skin Care

If you’re like me, and were used to rushing through your daily skincare routine, this can be a time to slow it down, and really pamper your skin. I’ve found that I’m halfway there by not having to wear makeup, or expose my skin to harsh elements daily. I can take my time washing my face, feeling the soft lather on my skin a little longer, taking longer strokes when moisturizing, have more time to allow moisturizers to soak in (now that I’m in no rush to put on makeup or clothes), and I can try out skin care masks that I never had the time for. My favorite so far has been Shea Moisture’s Glow Getter Honey Mask.

Quarantined Hair Care

Hair salons and barber shops are closed, and these stylists’ clients are now trying to figure out what to do with their hair until they can receive professional services again. Natural hair textures and hair colors (hello gray) are being grown out and beauty products are being cleared from store shelves. While we may long for the days when we can lay our heads back in the wash bowl again, we can add hair care to our personal pampering. Being good at styling is not necessary. Starting with basics, learn your hair texture and find products tailored to it. The relaxation and satisfaction that can come from a good shampoo lather, a silky conditioner slip, and a moisturizer that leaves your hair smelling amazing, is nothing short of therapeutic. A few of my staple products come from Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus line. These products make my hair look, feel, and smell good without being loaded with harsh and harmful ingredients.

Socially-Distant Health & Fitness

With gyms and fitness studios closed, people are finding alternate ways to get their exercise in. While walking outside is an available and acceptable exercise, there are many people taking to live stream fitness classes and training sessions via Instagram and Zoom. Restaurants have closed for sit down dining and have reduced staff, making grabbing a bite to eat less convenient than it was 3 months ago. Many eateries are waiving delivery fees to encourage the public to stay indoors as much as possible. Services such as Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats, and DoorDash are available to deliver several food options for all dietary preferences, and if these services aren’t your cup of tea, and you’d rather prepare meals yourself, InstaCart is available to deliver fresh groceries, as well as grocery store delivery services.


Rest is an essential element in any self-care routine. Whatever you choose to do with your hair, skin, and body during this pandemic, you can’t reap any benefits without proper rest. With such a dramatic shift in everyone’s daily lives, many have noticed a change in their sleep patterns, and that’s ok. Sometimes all you need is to create a routine your body can get accustomed to, and make time for rest whenever best.

What are some of the ways you like to practice self-care while sheltering in place?

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