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Valentine's Day Reflection: Love You All Year Long

Updated: May 30, 2020

It’s Valentine’s Day lovelies!

I might argue that this is possibly one of the most emotionally charged days of the year, simply because many people place a lot of stock in having someone special, special plans, and receiving special/romantic gifts.

What is it about this one day that has the power to make any given person feel better or less about themselves based on the presence, gestures, or acknowledgement of another person?

Valentine’s Day is intended to be a day to celebrate love, so we should all be celebrating, whether there’s a significant other in the picture or not.

There’s never anything wrong with the idea of celebrating love, however, it seems Valentine’s Day is only inclusive of romantic love and the relationship between 2 people. The idea that a person may feel excluded from a day intended to celebrate love because they don’t have a mate is flawed. Love comes in various forms; before anyone can expect to pour love into someone else, or have anyone else pour love into them, there has to be a love for self. I’m sure you’ve all heard some form of the saying “you can’t love anyone else if you don’t first love yourself.” Loving on yourself should be an everyday occurrence, all year long, and when Valentine’s Day comes around each year, it should be an opportunity to show yourself some extra special, much needed love.

This Valentine’s Day, do things that make YOU feel good. Show love to your entire being by stimulating all of your senses with things that bring you joy.

  • Love on your sense of seeing and watch your most loved movie, or catch a lovely view

  • Love on your sense of hearing and listen to your most loved songs

  • Love on your sense of touch, touch loved ones, and wear your favorite feeling fabric against your skin

  • Love on your sense of smell and smell anything you love like food, flowers, perfume, even laundry.

  • Love on your sense of taste and eat your most loved food

On this one calendar day that is dedicated to love, love you the same as every other day, but today celebrate it.

How do you plan to love on yourself today?

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