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LYF: Being Mindful of Your Inner Conversations

The mind is a very powerful tool. Each thought has the potential to manifest itself, and one of the best ways of showing love to yourself, is to develop a habit of positive self-talk, whether it is about yourself or someone else. Without even realizing it, people tend to disqualify themselves from blessings, opportunities, even happiness by focusing their minds on negative thoughts, which produce negative energy.

When you practice thinking positively, it reflects in your outward demeanor and you begin to attract more positivity. Those who constantly speak negativity to their conscious tend to wear that negativity and it is noticeable.

I do think it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to ALWAYS think positively, but you can change how you respond to the negative thoughts that creep in, and you can always practice finding a positive to outweigh or balance out the negative. Here are some ways you can shift your mindset and practice having more positive inner conversations:

1. You are unhappy with your physical appearance

Focus on building yourself up. Find things you do like and compliment yourself often. Pay yourself a compliment each time you feel down on yourself. Accentuate the features of yourself that you love (just keep it cute)

Develop a healthy plan to make slight changes to things you can (i.e. a new hairstyle, different makeup, a different skin care routine, a different diet, or a different workout) but be mindful not to obsess.

2. Someone else received an opportunity you were overlooked for and you feel some kind of way about it

Don’t focus on why you feel you deserved that opportunity over the person who received it. That’s their blessing and you have to remember what is for you will be yours. I’m sure if you got out of feeling slighted and you really think it over, you will likely be able to come up with good reasons that person got that opportunity. Focus on your own gifts, strengths, and talents; that focus will make your gifts more apparent to others and you will find that the positive focus will bring a more positive perception from both yourself and those around you.

3. You don’t make the best grades

This can be as simple as changing your habits, but you have to start with encouraging yourself to do better. Negative talk doesn’t work here at all. Never tell yourself what you can’t do or question your capacity to learn something. Give yourself credit for where you do well, and consider your strengths and how to utilize them in the areas you wish to improve. Celebrate your achievements, big or small, figure out your learning and studying style, and put them to work. Watch how things will shift for the better.

When you show love to yourself in the way that you talk to yourself, you will begin to notice love reflected more in your life. You will feel better about yourself, about others, and that positivity is contagious.

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