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Keyonna Monroe is the CEO & Executive Director of, a nonprofit organization that teaches mental and emotional health in the form of self-love to young girls. Keyonna Monroe is a survivor of child trafficking, and she often speaks about preventing/Identifying/Healing in terms of overall wholeness.  An alum of both Spelman College and USC, Keyonna worked in marketing & advertising before making her way to major television networks as an editor and journalist. Keyonna has been recognized as a woman with a high level of positive influence by United States Congressman Lowenthall, Black Business Leadership Hall of Fame, LA5 Rotary, DCFS and others. She is passionate about supporting the next generation of young women, and is honored to teach, guide, support and assist them with the use of her personal and professional advice as they embark on their future careers. Currently working with schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Keyonna has seen the change she has made in the lives of many girls. She has spoken on empowerment panels and worked with the Los Angeles Police Department, City of Long Beach and Los Angeles Metro, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LACES), Hawthorne High School, Washington Prep High School, and Santa Monica College. In addition,  Keyonna is a mother and published children’s book author. She has worked with organizations and additional schools such as Orville Wright Middle School, John Muir Middle School, Hawthorne HS Black Business Women Rock, the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles, USC, Power Play NYC, Circle of Change, Hispanic Business Society, Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Job Corps DTLA, 100 Black Men Orange County. Good Shepard Shelter, St. Anne’s School, Cal State Fullerton, and the Cultural Arts Leadership Exchange (CALENOW).

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                        Anthony Robinson

Deputy Center Director at L.A Job Corps Center

So grateful to have Ms. Monroe come out and speak to our young generation at JobCorps. The foundation of her organization is what we need more of in the world. We look forward to working with her more as she has made such an impact with our students.


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                        Faye Washington

                   CEO/Founder YWCA

Keyonna is such a talented young woman who I look forward to watching as she continues to empower children and young adults. We truly look forward to working with her more in the near future.

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                          Natalyn Randall

       Founder of BlackBusinessWomenRock

We absolutely love Keyonna and what her foundation represents. She is an example of what our young girls need today. We were so honored to have her speak at one of our events, and we look forward to working with her so much more. She is a definitely a woman that rocks, and we celebrate her at BBWR.

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                          Rachel Adams

     Event Coordinator St. Anne's School

 It's so hard to put into words all that Ms. Monroe has done for our girls. The girls always find it hard to leave her after every workshop. She expresses her love and knowledge on a level of relatability to the girls, and they see the genuity in all of her guidance. She has taught the girls how to express themselves in a more positive way, better their grades, build their self-esteem and teach them how to be confident in who they are, and not hold on to past mistakes. She is a therapist, a friend, and a mother figure. to these girls. We need more women like her.

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            Dean, Orville Wright Middle School

Having Ms. Monroe in our school teaching our young girls has made such an impact, and we are so honored to have her at Orville Wright Middle School. She truly has a way with young girls where they are drawn to her and applies all she teaches because they feel the sincerity coming from her. She is able to really relate to the girls, and they don't look at her like a teacher but an advocate of love and empowerment on their behalf. Every school should have her program.

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                         Terolyn Phinsee

Founder of Titus Single Parent Organization

Keyonna is not only an educated woman, mother, and entrepreneur, but she has dedicated her passion to sharing her personal trials and adversities to young girls to give them hope. She is an amazing example and her organization has programs that are not only desired but highly needed to empower these young girls. She gives them guidance, love, and encourages them with consistency every step of the way.  This is definitely a program you'd want your daughter in, and we are so happy to be working with her at the Titus Parenting Organization.

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