According to recent national studies, the following information below applies to children that never had a mentor/adult role model:

Statistics claim that 7 out of 10 girls believe they are not good enough or don’t measure up in their looks, performance in school or relationships. By the end of middle school, most girls are considered depressed and have low self-esteem (which plummets at the age of 12).


This leads to immeasurable consequences such as eating disorders, obesity, bullying, early sexual activity, suicide, cutting etc.400,000 youth are in foster care in the United States.


Our collective mission is to improve the lives of women, especially young girls through a series of empowerment programs leading to social and economic change and emotional growth.

Pretty 2 Me

Pretty2Me teaches young girls ages 9-16 the value of LYF
(Loving Yourself First). We are a national
nonprofit organization, and we emphasize the
importance of self-love and individual responsibility as
the basis of personal success and community
involvement. Our collective mission is to effect change
through empowerment from the inside out. With
mentoring programs, activities and bonding discussions,
we understand that the consistency of a mentor and
support from peers can make a positive impact and a
lasting difference. Teaching girls about LYF builds the
confidence needed to become successful in life while
creating a social sisterhood. It is imperative to cultivate
positive body image, deconstruct gender media
stereotypes, and lead change throughout their
community with an open heart.


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Leadership Development

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